10 Helpful Headline Tips To Catch People’s Attention

The first headline writing tip is to start with the number 10. Starting with a numeral increases your chances of getting clicks. Numbered lists are more likely to get clicks too because readers know what they’re getting themselves into. Tell your readers why they should care right away. Always answer “so what, who cares?” Deliver.Continue reading “10 Helpful Headline Tips To Catch People’s Attention”

StoryCorps: Listen, Honor, Share

Our mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. https://youtu.be/4C9J9_r17XI View this post on Instagram A post shared by StoryCorps (@storycorps) StoryCorps is one of the most powerful storytelling tools in our country. It gives real people an opportunity toContinue reading “StoryCorps: Listen, Honor, Share”

Lighting Tips and Tutorials

If you don’t have a lighting kit, you can use natural light to improve the quality of your videos and photos. Pay attention to where light is coming from and the shadows it casts. The best light is diffused sunlight. This reduces shadows. You can easily defuse sunlight by placing your interview subject inside withContinue reading “Lighting Tips and Tutorials”

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Mistakes. We all make them. Try to learn from other people’s mistakes so you can avoid repeating them. Small mistakes can ruin a great video. As a producer, I refused to air a package because of a single poorly lit frame or disheveled shirt collar. If you make a mistake while you’re shooting, DON’T include theContinue reading “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

Photography & Videography Basics

Rule of Thirds Everyone in TV is expected to understand and follow the rule of thirds in EVERY interview and every b-roll clip. This is IMPORTANT. The good thing is, it’s also super simple if you enable grid bars on your phone or camera. DO NOT shoot without your grids enabled. The rule of thirdsContinue reading “Photography & Videography Basics”

WordPress For Broadcast News Class

If you’re new to WordPress check out some helpful beginner guides. Students at the University of South Florida have free access to Lynda tutorials. Just log in with your student email and search WordPress Essential Training. Posting your assignments on WordPress Go to WordPress.com and sign in using the email you used when you were invitedContinue reading “WordPress For Broadcast News Class”

Lead Writing For Broadcast News

Don’t feel like reading this lecture? Click here for a video of me explaining lead writing.  What is a lead? The first sentence of your story The best opportunity to grab a viewer’s attention Similar to a headline The most important thing to keep in mind when writing your lead is that it must be clearContinue reading “Lead Writing For Broadcast News”

Making Audio Visible

Sound is considered an invisible medium. It’s tragic when storytellers ignore how powerful audio can be. Sound is incredibly vital to storytelling. A piece with great sound builds an environment where viewers and listeners can truly be immersed in the essence of the story. Anyone in media should always listen for sound. If you’re aContinue reading “Making Audio Visible”

Telling Stories With Video

Though expensive equipment and training can improve the quality of video and audio, the most important ingredient is the story. Innovation in digital video opened up endless possibilities for everyday people to tell stories and share them on platforms like YouTube. This changed the business of television because viewers are now willing to watch shaky cellContinue reading “Telling Stories With Video”

Digital Workers: Intro To Mobile Journalism

Journalism Next Chapter 1 -Richard Gingras Head of news product at Google How do you prepare for a job that doesn’t exist yet? Never stop learning. School won’t teach you everything you’ll ever need to know. It will teach you how to teach yourself more efficiently for the rest of your life. Constantly have new ideasContinue reading “Digital Workers: Intro To Mobile Journalism”

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