TV News Story Forms

Do you love listening to my voice? Or maybe you just want to listen to me talk about this lecture. Click here to watch the lecture I gave in class. We will get into a wide variety of story forms in the producing lecture. But first, it’s important to understand the basic ingredients of aContinue reading “TV News Story Forms”

Broadcast News Writing

Don’t feel like reading this lecture? Click here for a video of me walking you through the key points. Want to be a great broadcast news writer? The most important responsibility is making sure your information is correct. Don’t get so caught up in getting breaking news on the air, that you forget the purposeContinue reading “Broadcast News Writing”

Breaking News

Accuracy vs Speed Being fast and accurate isn’t always as easy as it sounds. News managers put a lot of pressure on producers, anchors and reporters to spit breaking news out as fast as possible. A manager’s priority is to get breaking news online and on air faster than the competition. But speed lends itselfContinue reading “Breaking News”

You Took Your Camera Out Of Auto, Now What?

There are hundreds of different cameras out there but most of them have some key components in common. In this lecture, I will go through some terminology for your fancy camera and give you some tips on how to use it. I will use a Panasonic AG-HMC 150 and DSLR as examples. If you haveContinue reading “You Took Your Camera Out Of Auto, Now What?”

Beat Reporting

Beat reporting, as opposed to general assignment reporting, gives journalists the opportunity to focus on one area. Many beats are defined geographically, others focus on important issues like health, education or the environment. Beat reporters develop in-depth knowledge. They get to know experts related to their beat and create a thorough contact list of peopleContinue reading “Beat Reporting”

Multimedia Storytelling

New technology is allowing journalists to tell stories in memorable new ways. Multimedia storytelling is an immersive and interactive tool to give your audience control over which mediums they prefer. Some stories let audiences pick if they’d rather listen to audio, watch video, look at an infographic or read text. When audiences experience stories usingContinue reading “Multimedia Storytelling”

Tips For Conducting Meaningful Interviews

What’s The Point? Why do journalists interview people? The basic interview question is meant to confirm facts. This is often where credible information comes from. But, the real story comes from emotions. Traditional journalists should remain objective in their stories. So, we rely on real people to convey real feelings. Quotes that come from interviewsContinue reading “Tips For Conducting Meaningful Interviews”

Data Journalism

Journalists rely on their credibility. One of the best ways to maintain credibility is to use data to back up claims. In this lecture, we will learn how to evaluate data for journalism. Data Journalism Handbook The Data Journalism Handbook is a free resource. It shows you how to gather data, how to understand it,Continue reading “Data Journalism”

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