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Explore the virtual tours I produced for the University of South Florida on desktop or mobile by clicking the following links.

college of engineering

college of engineering
Click here to explore the virtual tour

college of arts and sciences

college of arts and sciences
Click here to explore the virtual tour

honors college

honors college
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college of business

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my role

I was hired by Innovative Education as a contract virtual tour producer.

vr platform training

I first trained on how to use the YouVisit platform that displays the virtual tours. I learned:

  • specifications required to upload 360-degree photos and videos into each stop
  • how to add hotspots
  • how to add supplemental videos and photos
  • how to upload scripts for ADA compliance
  • how to upload audio that auto plays at each tour stop


Then, I conducted research on the colleges by reviewing their social media platforms and their websites. I reviewed existing media content that we could embed into their virtual tour. I also identified new content that would need to be created to help tell their story. I visited each college and explored locations that would be relevant and visually appealing for 360-degree photos.

stakeholder meetings

After compiling my research and coming up with questions I wanted to as the stakeholders, I met with representatives from each college. The purpose of the meetings was to better understand what story the colleges wanted to tell to prospective students and parents. I figured out which elements were required and which were nice to have. I worked with them to identify key players on their team that I should interview. We also chose student representatives whose voices you can hear reading the scripts at each stop.


To prepare for the production phase of the projects, I conducted pre-interviews with students to identify whether they would be appropriate for the tour stop voice overs. I then interviewed each student and wrote a script in their voice that talks about their experience at each college.

I looked through existing course content and media that subject matter experts created to help showcase the colleges. I scheduled 360-degree photoshoots and recruited diverse models that represent the student body at each college. I also trained student video storytellers to create videos that would be showcased on the tour.


As with all effective projects of this magnitude, several review sessions were pivotal in ensuring the stakeholders and subject matter experts were accurately portrayed in a way that was consistent with the colleges’ brand and voice. I shared the content I wrote and aggregated every step of the way. I adjusted the frequency and duration of these reviews depending on how much creative control each college wanted me to take on. I felt very comfortable working independently for the colleges that did not have as much time to be involved in the process. I also enjoyed working closely with those who preferred to take a more hands-on approach.


Each college virtual tour required a minimum of six 360-degree photos in different locations or “stops.” Before each 360-degree photo shoot, I ensured each model signed a release form and were dressed appropriately. The photographers and I staged the models on location conducting relevant activities that could help visualize the stop.

Most colleges wanted to have a different student’s voice for every stop on their tour. This meant scheduling and working with a wide variety of students to complete the voiceovers. I coached students to read the scripts that I wrote so they would sound comfortable and natural. I worked with an audio engineer to record high-quality voiceovers.

I recorded videos on location and trained students to record videos from the ground and using drones.


After the photo shoots, the photographer stitched the photos and I uploaded each one in the YouVisit platform in accordance with each stop in the college’s story.

After the audio recordings, I uploaded each audio clip into the YouVisit platform and added the script in the text box to make the tours more accessible for users.

I worked with student storytellers to edit their videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.


After stakeholders conducted the final review of their tours, we published the tours online and on social media.


The YouVisit platform collects helpful data about the user experience like how much time the user spends at each stop. This data is helpful in identifying whether specific a stop tends to see more falloff. The evaluation of this data can be used to make adjustments to the tours that may make users interact with the content in more meaningful ways that hopefully lead to recruitment.

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