video production

This page includes examples of videos I shot and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.

promotional videos

I edited these videos in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

virtual presentations

I created this video for a virtual convention to show how I converted an in-person class to an online class where students create TV shows remotely. The video includes tips on green screens, cell phone videography, and virtual workplace communication strategies.

I created this video as part of my research study presentation for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) conference in 2022.

video equipment training

I shot and edited this video to teach students, staff, and faculty at the University of South Florida how to increase video production quality using a green screen at home.

lighting training

As part of my role as Faculty Innovation Fellow, I created training videos to help university faculty and staff produce their own online course videos. This one gives people quick tips on improving their on-camera lighting.

audio training

I shot and edited this video to train faculty and staff to improve audio quality in their videos.

software training

I shot and edited these videos to teach students, faculty, and staff how to edit videos and graphics.

compliance training

I shot and edited this video to explain why participants are asked to sign a consent form to participate in a study to ensure my research team is in compliance with IRB policy.

news stories

This is an example of a video I edited on Adobe Premiere Pro as part of a TV news class that I taught at the University of South Florida. This was part of a series of stories about social justice. I taught students how to write scripts and edit videos that make an impact on their communities. These aired on Tampa’s PBS station in America’s 13th largest media market.

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