Where You Can Work With A Mass Comm Degree

I suggest browsing jobs every day to give you an idea of what’s out there. Plus, the qualification requirements can inspire you to learn new tools. Here’s a list of local TV stations and production houses you can intern and work at in the Tampa Bay area: TV Stations WFTS (ABC) – Tampa WTSP (CBS) – St.Continue reading “Where You Can Work With A Mass Comm Degree”

Search Engine Optimization

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Journalists optimize search engine results by putting the best keywords in headlines, the body of an article, and websites. SEO is becoming increasingly important to understand and use correctly. SEO can be complex, but you can easily improve your articles, blogs and social posts just by wording your headlines correctly.Continue reading “Search Engine Optimization”

Blogging and Web Writing

There are many rules and tips to improve your web writing. The most important ones are to be clean, concise and simple. Don’t go overboard using semicolons and ellipses. Keep excessive punctuation to a minimum unless it greatly enhances your sentence. It usually won’t. Help your readers and yourself by writing short sentences that areContinue reading “Blogging and Web Writing”

Credible, Breaking And Viral News

Most journalists these days spend a lot more time aggregating content than actually creating it from scratch. You can simply share someone else’s article, video, tweet, etc. Or you can re-write it and turn it into your own news. Reading other people’s news also helps give you ideas that you can build on, then go outContinue reading “Credible, Breaking And Viral News”


Nielsen is one of the widest used market research companies. Most TV stations pay Nielsen for daily ratings reports. Nielsen also determines DMA or market size. Tampa Bay is now the 11th largest TV market in the country. These ratings can fluctuate year to year. For example, in 2017 Tampa was 13th. The counties inContinue reading “Nielsen”

Advice For A Successful Career

Working in media means more than knowing how to write, shoot and edit. There are many lessons you will learn when you enter the profession. But here are a few tips to help you along the way as you begin your internships and first jobs. Don’t Don’t be late. If you’re late or miss aContinue reading “Advice For A Successful Career”

Make Information Look Good

Making facts and numbers look good is more than just making it more entertaining to look at. When you turn information into infographics, your information has a greater impact and can be more clearly understood. Infographics also help when you don’t have specific video or pictures to include in your story. 24 Tools for JournalistsContinue reading “Make Information Look Good”


Readings 1) Do’s and Dont’s for Storify, via ReadWrite.com http://readwrite.com/2012/02/21/dos_and_donts_for_using_storify#awesm=~okjqV4DlITWKgY 2) The 5 types of stories that make good Storifys, via Poynter http://www.poynter.org/how-tos/newsgathering-storytelling/153697/the-5-types-of-stories-that-make-good-storifys/  3) 10 Ways journalists can use Storify, via ZombieJournalism.com http://zombiejournalism.com/2010/10/10-ways-journalists-can-use-storify/  Examples of Storifys Josh Stearns: Tracking Journalist Arrests At Occupy Protests Around the Country http://storify.com/jcstearns/tracking-journalist-arrests-during-the-occupy-prot  This story was voted the story of theContinue reading “Storify”

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