Podcasts For Journalists

Think you’re too busy to learn more? It’s time you do an inventory to identify when you could be multitasking with these journalism podcasts.

I squeeze in hours of extra learning while I’m:

  • making coffee
  • showering
  • brushing my teeth
  • doing my hair
  • getting dressed
  • driving to work
  • walking anywhere
  • grocery shopping
  • at the gas station
  • exercising
  • doing laundry
  • cooking

When I was a college student, teachers actually made us read textbooks! Now, I try to make learning as convenient as possible for my students. Here are some of my favorite episodes that will help you become a better storyteller while you’re stuck in traffic or at the grocery store.

podcasts about INTERVIEWING

The Turnaround podcast is a great resource for behind-the-scenes trade secrets and tips. Jesse Thorn interviews some of America’s best interviewers about interviewing. Here are a couple episodes that are particularly relevant to new journalists. The Turnaround is available on MaximumFun.org. You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

podcasts about writing and storytelling

Most of these episode suggestions are from WriteLane, a podcast by Tampa Bay Times reporter Lane DeGregory and editor Maria Carrillo.

podcasts about media

podcasts about injustice

podcasts about social media

PODCAST about storytellers

Becoming Storytellers is a podcast by TV anchor Venise Toussaint. She interviews storytellers about what it’s like working in the biz.



podcast about getting an internship/job in media

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