Broadcast News Project Examples

When grading your video projects, I base most of the grade off of whether you had a wide variety of shots (at least one extreme close-up, regular close-up, medium, wide, high angle, low angle, over the shoulder, etc.).

You are most likely to get points taken off if your interviews are not framed well (ex: if there is too much headroom or not enough lead room). Also, if your interview is not lit well or backlit, that will cost you more points.

I’m a huge fan of nats pops, so the more nats you use, the better your grade will be.

At the beginning of the semester, I will base most of the grade on if you have the technical skills to use your camera, edit software, YouTube and WordPress. As we get closer to the end I ask questions like:

  • Is this video airable? Does it look professional?
  • Is this story compelling enough to broadcast on my newscast?
  • Would I suggest you use this video on your resume?

If I answer yes to those questions, then you will get an A.

I also suggest you ask yourself these questions before you submit your projects:

  • Is there value in this for viewers?
  • If I spotted this video on social media, would I share it?
  • If someone sent me this video, would I watch the entire thing?
  • Would I watch it more than once?

Here are examples of how other USF students completed the projects in this class

Montage Project

Edit Project

Multimedia Whip Project

News Story PKG Project

Final Video Project

Your Choice Project

Florida Focus Project

Read Deanna’s web story here:


Social Media Project

Example #1:

Example #2:

Example #3:

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