Student Assessment of Jeanette Abrahamsen

The following are unedited, anonymous comments submitted by Jeanette’s students to USF at the end of each semester.

RTV 4942 Fall 2021

Jeanette is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my entire life. Her dedication to her students’ education is incomparable to any other instructor I have ever had. She is very clear when explaining what needs to be done and how to do it. 10/10 would take any other class with her.

Jeanette is awesome and really cares about her students. She loves teaching this course and adapting it to fit what her students want and what looks best for PBS.

Jeanette is one of the best professors I have ever had. She genuinely cares about her students and helping us succeed and my only feedback is that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take her class!

Florida Focus is my favorite class at USF. It provides opportunities found nowhere else and has taught me skills I will use for the rest of my life.

I wouldn’t change anything about this class! Thank you Jeanette for a great semester.

Jeanette is insanely patient and a true role model to any aspiring journalist. Anyone who doesn’t take this course is doing themselves a massive disservice.

RTV 4942-001 Spring 2021 

Jeanette Abrahamsen is the best Professor I have ever had in my college career. She was more like my boss rather than my teacher, but that made the learning experience even better. She taught me what it’s like in the real news environment and that was the best experience I could have ever had the opportunity to have. Thank you to Professor Abrahamsen for the best experience ever.

Jeanette is amazing. Great human being and excellent professor. I can keep saying good things about her.

Jeanette is an INCREDIBLE professor who really, genuinely cares for students and their educations. She has clearly worked very hard to make this class work well even despite the sudden changes due to the pandemic, and this class is easily the one I’ve learned the most in from all of my mass comm classes. I think she’s the perfect person to teach this class.

Jeanette Abrahamsen is an amazing professor. She goes above and beyond for her students and truly cares about the progress they make. If a student needs help or asks questions, she does not hesitate to help. She is always encouraging students to ask questions or take on new roles to learn new things.

Phenomenal teacher who cares about her students.

Professor Abrahamsen is by far the most passionate professor I have had during my time at USF. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help her students succeed both within and outside of the classroom.

Florida Focus is hands down the best experience a student going into need could ever get. It teaches you what it’s like to be in a real news environment. Although it is tedious, you learn so much from this course. Not only do you get the experience for your resumé, but you truly learn so much from this class.

This class is intense but worth it. It will prepare you for the real world.

I think this is easily the most educational class I’ve taken in my program and I would take it a million more times if I could – it’s helped me figure out what I want my future and given me a wide range of diverse skills that are applicable not only to TV news, but all forms of news, videography, and more.

This course has helped me learn lots of new skills in regards to producing a newscast. It made me feel as if I was working for an actual newsroom. It allowed many students to showcase their skills as reporters or producers to produce the best show possible to air on TV.

This class has given me invaluable experience as a journalist and helped give me a leg up going into my career.

RTV 4942-002 Spring 2021

One of the most informative courses I’ve taken at USF. I love that I got real-life experience that I can use for my future career.

This is an amazing class and I feel lucky to even be a part of it.

This course is definitely the best course I have taken during my college career. It gave me a hands-on experience and also provided me with unique opportunities. I have grown so much because of this course. It also provided me with so much work to use on my resume and for my portfolio. Not many college students have their work aired in the 13th largest media market, but this class gave me that privilege.

This class is the reason kids in my major get jobs.

The best class to take for broadcasting students.

The most challenging yet rewarding class that there is for anyone heading into news. This class is a luxury, not just a credit fulfillment. It’s like being in your career full-time while still in college. I hope that this continues to develop and improve virtually and in person because this is an amazing experience that the best of the best in the Z School would be lucky to experience as many times as they physically can.

Best professor ever! <3

I think I speak for all of us when I say Jeanette is the best professor, mentor, and friend I have ever had. She truly cares about her students and their individual success. She has dedicated all of her time to help us any time we need it. No exaggeration. She deserves raise and for more professors to follow in her footsteps.

Professor Jeanette Abrahamsen is the best mentor, professor, and leader I’ve ever gotten to take a class with. I have nothing but the best to say about her. She is the one person I will always remember and owe all of my future accomplishments and success to. She is 1000% dedicated to her students and the courses she teaches. She puts her all into them and into each of her students. She does more than enough to help us grow and not just succeed in this course but in our future endeavors. She is an expert in the mass communications/news industry and there is no better person to learn from. I have never had a professor like her and I will forever remember her and will always stay in contact with her. I have grown so much through this course and I believe it’s because of the confidence, trust, and support that I have received from Mrs. Abrahamsen. Any student who has the chance to learn from her and have her as their mentor is an extremely lucky student. She is by far the best!!

Best teacher the Zimmerman School has ever had. She needs a raise and to be recognized for her hard work and dedication towards her students. Goes above and beyond in order for her students to succeed.

Please give this lady the key to the school, the city, and even the entire East coast. She is a hero. One of my personal heroes. To whom this concerns, JA is the best professor on campus. I’m sure you get that a lot, but really she deserves a medal and a promotion. She does everything for her students: she works weekends, she stays up late to answer messages, she does everything under the sun. This is my 3rd semester writing this and I’m not too sure who gets to read it, but give her a promotion!!!

An excellent professor, truly cares about her students. Puts endless time and effort to make sure everyone is not only on track but understands the material.

There isn’t a better modern-day journalism professor out there that is better than Jeanette. Her care for students and their careers is second to none and she truly prepares you for the real world and pushes you to succeed in ways you never even see yourself. She made my USF experience as wonderful as it was and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. She is an asset to the Z School and will help so many students become successful it will be wonderful to continue to watch.

Jeanette is by far the best professor I ever had. She truly cares about her students and preparing them for careers. I wish I could stay in college forever to have her as a professor again.

MMC-4900 Fall 2020

Jeanette is the best professor I have ever had. She motivates us so much and constantly pushes us to be the best we can be. She is excellent at explaining the material being taught and makes learning so much fun.

Jeanette truly cares about her students. I have seen her work outside of class and office hours to help students. she does everything she can to ensure a students success. If she has a student who isn’t making the grade it is because they are either not trying or not communicating with her that they need extra help until the due date. I wish I wasn’t graduating so that I could be in her class again.

What a teacher she is. Her instruction skills left me breathless. She truly makes her students work and push them to succeed. Jeanette was always available 24/7 if her students needed any kind of assistance. She needs the maximum raise from USF because she deserves it. There was a never moment in this class, where Jeanette “did not feel like teaching” or looked “tired” unlike some other professors.

Very kind and knowledgable, I always feel like I learn so much in her classes. She really goes out of her way to fully prepare students for everything in the broadcast news world, including things that may not be covered in regular class material (what to expect from contracts, good stations to apply to as a starter job, what salary and expectations you’ll see at your first job), which is so incredibly appreciated.

I love working in Florida Focus. It should probably be a requirement to graduate.

Florida Focus was an amazing class and really taught students how to navigate through broadcasting remotely. I wish the studio was open because it was difficult at times to all communicate through a camera, where in person we could have had meetings and had a better visual understanding.

MMC-4936-001 Fall 2020

Jeanette is the best professor I have ever had. She motivates us so much and constantly pushes us to be the best we can be. She is excellent at explaining the material being taught and makes learning so much fun.

Jeanette truly cares about her students. I have seen her work outside of class and office hours to help students. she does everything she can to ensure a students success. If she has a student who isn’t making the grade it is because they are either not trying or not communicating with her that they need extra help until the due date. I wish I wasn’t graduating so that I could be in her class again.

What a teacher she is. Her instruction skills left me breathless. She truly makes her students work and push them to succeed. Jeanette was always available 24/7 if her students needed any kind of assistance. She needs the maximum raise from USF because she deserves it. There was a never moment in this class, where Jeanette “did not feel like teaching” or looked “tired” unlike some other professors.

Very kind and knowledgable, I always feel like I learn so much in her classes. She really goes out of her way to fully prepare students for everything in the broadcast news world, including things that may not be covered in regular class material (what to expect from contracts, good stations to apply to as a starter job, what salary and expectations you’ll see at your first job), which is so incredibly appreciated.

This class provided me with a whole new level of appreciation and deepened my passion for the industry I am entering. This class taught me the most important skills I need to succeed in the industry. This class was the highlight of my time at USF and made my last semester the best semester. I looked forward to every class meeting and every assignment all semester. I have never felt so attached to a professor or a class!

This is such an amazing class and I highly advise any student on the broadcast path to take it. It offers great experience and a sneak peek into our future careers. Favorite class I’ve ever taken!

Its an incredible class with equally incredible opportunities for students to gain first hand experience in the industry.

I am surprised that we were able to make this class as much of a success as it was during the pandemic and from our homes. This class is amazing and I wouldn’t want it structured any other way.

Professor was well-adapted to the trials the semester presented, learned so much in a new enviorment.

MMC-4936-002 Fall 2020

Jeanette is the most selfless professor I have ever taken from. She made herself available any day at any time. She is patient, passionate, caring, and sincere. She was the best professor I had in my whole college experience. She genuinely wants her students to succeed and is dedicated to putting her heart and soul into her students. She positively and effectively pushes and encourages her students to be their best selves and put out their best work. Jeanette is an all-around stand-up professor and individual. She teaches with a fire inside her that rubs off on everyone around her. She creates such a motivational and inspirational environment. I knew that under her direction, I would be pushed to produce my best and strongest work. I can’t say enough good things about her or her teaching. She’s the best of the best.

Professor Abrahamsen is without a doubt the best Professor I have ever had. She is extremely passionate about her job and what she teaches. She cares so deeply for each and every one of her students. She goes out of her way to make sure we are understanding and comprehending material, feeling comfortable and most importantly, that we are happy. She is more than willing to help up at ANY time of the day, even outside of class time. She genuinely puts her students and our learning experience first. I will be taking her again next semester because I have grown and learned so much in this course because of her. She is simply AWESOME!

She is an incredibly capable professor and mentor to all she teaches. Please give her tenure, she is an absolute asset that should not be taken for granted. She is a powerful, modern and direct woman with thinking and instruction perfectly tuned for modern journalism.

Jeanette is truly the best professor I have had in any form of education I have had. She is truly what the college experience about – preparing you for the real world and your career. I wouldn’t be as good as I am or have the career opportunities that I have lined up for me if it wasn’t for Jeanette. She is an asset to the Zimmerman School and I can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes next semester with her next group of students.

A God- send of a woman. Smart, powerful, compassionate, helpful; really cares about her students immediate and future success.

This class was a challenge that I see as a gift. I feel like I have learned so much, and gotten so much experience just because of this class. MMC 4936 has made me feel so much confident about my skills and career path. I am beyond grateful with the Zimmerman school and Jeanette Abrahamsen for providing such an amazing class to us. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Very hard class and I definitely wish I would have been more prepared for the class.

The first few weeks were tough in a good way. It helped make sure we were ready to produce a show for television and is going to give all that participate a leg up when pursuing their careers.

JOU-3101 Spring 2020

Cares about her students. I had trouble due to the coronavirus and she was very understanding. One of the kindest and caring professors that I’ve had at USF.

She is amazing!! She cared so much about us and tried her best to teach us things that will be useful in the future. Also, she is the only professor that was THIS understanding during the pandemic. I also really really enjoyed her feedbacks. I like how she gives thorough feedback bc it makes us reflect on what we did wrong and how we can improve for the next time. All in all, professor Jeanette is exceptional. <3

Professor Jeannette is amazing, she made me step out of my comfort zone and made me realize how much I can give on my Journalism skills. Her classes were very fun, and I love how passionate she is towards storytelling and the impact it can do on other people’s lives. She is very inspiring, and one of the best professors I have had.

The best professor and mentor figure I have ever had the privilege of learning from. She is patient, understanding, and truly cares about the success of each individual student. More professors should take notes.

Professor Abrahamsen is one of the most wonderful professors I’ve had at USF. She makes her expectations known and gives us all the tools we need to succeed in her class. She is incredibly easy to reach out to, as well, and shows she truly cares about her students.

Jeanette Abrahamsen is a wonderful professor. She always does her best to provide course materials that will benefit the students for their future careers. I was sorry to see part of our course plans be rearranged with the switch to online learning, but I was also very grateful at how understanding Jeanette was with the circumstances. She made sure to focus on student well-being and safety during this time. I appreciate how she adjusted the course for students to be able to handle the switch and wanted to provide everyone help where needed. She is a very kind and caring professor. I could not see anyone else teaching this course as well as her. Out of all the professors in the Mass Communications department, I believe Jeanette has prepared me the most for graduation and job opportunities. I will gladly recommend students to take any course she teaches because she cares about the students doing well most of all.

MMC-4936 Spring 2020

Jeanette is hands down my favorite professor. I so appreciate her passion and dedication to her students!

MMC 4900 Spring 2020

Truly the most helpful and engaging professor I’ve ever had.

Phenomenal professor. Her dedication to equipping students for their industry is unparalleled. She is always available to assist her students and goes above and beyond to help us succeed. Her course curriculum is relevant and engaging and I feel well equipped upon graduation because of her.

Jeanette was very supportive and was able to meet with me and help me with anything I asked. She out a lot of time and effort into making sure I was learning and succeeding. She also tailored the class to be exactly what I needed and because of this I feel more prepared than ever to find a job in the industry.

JOU-3101-Fall 2019

Abrahamsen by far is one of the best instructors in the department of Mass Communications if not the best. An absolutely dedicated professor who is constantly active in helping all her students especially with their specific issues. She deserves tenure.

I love that advanced reporting had video, writing, and social media projects. It was a very well-rounded class. I learned so much over the course of the semester, and every single thing I did in this class is now on my website and resume. it really prepared me for a career in journalism and I think it was one of the most rewarding classes I’ve ever taken.

Jeanette is one if the best professors I’ve ever had. She’s so helpful in and out of class. She truly cares about her students and their success and thats not common to come by these days. I’ve learned so much from her and I’m grateful that I’ve got to take her classes!

Best professor of all time

Thank you so much, Ms. Abrahamsen. You are one my favorite instructors and your class was an absolute joy to take. You’re kind, responsive, knowledgeable, and considerate. Thank you for everything.

Jeanette is the best professor. She is always available to help and really cares about making sure we are learning and benefiting from lectures and assignments. While this class was definitely challenging, Jeanette was always helpful and motivated us to do our best. I’m really appreciative of everything she did for her students because my projects for her in this class completely built my resume. Jeanette taught me so much about storytelling this semester and we got to try out a variety of different reporting, from print and radio to video and social media. I have loved every single project we’ve done this semester and have thought they were all worth it. I am so thankful to have them in my portfolio. Through this class, Jeanette has really prepared me for a career in journalism in the future.

The best teacher I’ve ever had. she truly cares for her students and learned a lot in a short amount of time.

MMC-4936-001-Fall 2019

Excellent instructor–very knowledgeable and encouraging.

I think Jeanette was so helpful in Florida Focus. She made sure everybody was able to experience all the jobs they wanted to throughout the semester. Her background in broadcast television really helped us understand how the industry works and the day-to-day tasks involved in airing a show. She was always available to help outside of class. She expected a lot from students, but she let us know the format of the class from the beginning, and in the end it made the show and us much better than when we started out the semester.

RTV-3301-001-Spring 2019

This women is by far the greatest teacher I have ever met and learned from. She is possibly the greatest human on earth, she cares so much for student success and is the most self-less person. If I ever need help she was there and responded faster than anyone ever before. She deserves a raise and promotion. No she did not tell me to type this, she is just that good at what she does.

Jeanette is seriously one of my favorite professors, not just from this semester but from my whole academic career. She is so incredibly helpful and kind, and works so hard to teach her students not only everything they need to know for classes later in the major but also teaching us from her mistakes and all the tips and tricks she learned working in the field of broadcast news. I look forward to having her as a professor again as I take classes higher up in the production major. 

Jeannette is an EXTRAORDINARY person, not just in class but in real life. I’ve never known any instructor to be so personable to students. I am so genuinely happy to have taken her class. The clarity in which she speaks in unmatched by any person I know. Professional, respectful, interactive, genuine, and an inspiration to all my work moving forward. I love my major more for having known this excellent person.

For within my career pertaining to mass comm, Jeanette Abrahamsen has been a guardian angel for students! She is extremely passionate and makes time for all of her students when needed. Besides teaching us the tools and task to make us better professionals, she expresses hers and others experiences in the profession to help us prepare for real word situations. Even after the course with her I believe I will still be asking her advice with my career. She has been a Blessing to all of her students.

She is one of, if the not the best, instructor I’ve had at USF. She takes time for every student and really does feel like she genuinely cares. She was great.

An amazing professor that has helped me gain so much knowledge with regards to broadcasting.

Jeanette was by far the best teacher I had this year. I always looked forward to coming to RTV.

Very responsive regardless of the time the question was asked, very informative, resourceful, helpful, understanding, and all around amazing professor

My favorite teacher I have had my first two semestesr here. Really sets you up for success. I want to take her every year until I graduate.

I really enjoyed having Professor Abrahamsen as a professor, she was very helpful and gave a lot of insight on working in news room, which helped a ton.

Best teacher I have had at USF up to this date.

JOU-3101-001-Spring 2019

Jeanette is truly one of the best professors I have ever had. She is really caring and enthusiastic about what she teaches. She cares about her students and always have time to help us out throughout our projects. She goes above and beyond. I would love to take more classes with her in the future.

Jeanette really cares about what each student is feeling and doing. She’s amazing at working with each person individually and is always willing to help with any projects and has a solution or suggestion to everything concern a student may have.

Jeanette is an amazing teacher. There is not a single teacher on this campus that I have enjoyed more than her. She makes the one hour commute to USF easy, especially when it’s early in the morning. I have gone through quite a bit for the last two semesters and she has not only been a great teacher but a great resources for help outside of classes. I am going to miss having her as a teacher. She has been so inspiring to me and has been such a great support system to me. She is a gem at USF. She has helped set me up for life after college with the experience and what she brings to the classroom.

Jeanette is seriously the best! She was always ready and willing to help, no matter the time of day. She continually put her students first and always had their best interests at heart. She went out of her way multiple times to help myself and others achieve our goals, both in the classroom and out. She pushed me to be the very best and do things way out of my comfort zone. Those experiences made me a better student and more comfortable with myself. I am so thankful to have had her as a professor.

Jeanette has been one of my favorite professors during my time at USF. Last year on her course evaluation I said I probably would have dropped out if I didn’t have her as an instructor. I still feel that way. Jeanette continues to provide a platform for students to learn whatever additional skills they want in addition to class work, and she genuinely cares about all of her students.

JOU-4201-001-Spring 2019

Jeanette is amazing, outstanding and so aware of the current industry. She really prepares you to stand out in your journalism career and be successful in the industry. I want to become an editor, and I feel that this class really prepared me for that. Her guided discussions, editing assignments and other lectures/videos/documentaries helped me understand not only editing, but the issues affecting the industry and how to be cognizant of them and act on them.

Jeanette Abrahamsen is an amazing teacher. I know that for a fact because I have had her as an instructor for three straight semesters now. First with Beginning Reporting, next with Advanced Reporting and now News Editing 1. She is the epitome of what an instructor should be. She is always there to give great feedback on assignments and is easily accessible outside of class if needed. Also, she is so encouraging and is knowledgeable about the media realm. I could not have asked for more in a professor. She has truly shaped me into who I am today. Without her, I would be lost.

Professor Abrahamsen is phenomenal. She definitely cares about all of her students and makes it very clear that she is here to help us learn the material. She also shares her view of the industry and frankly discusses the problems we may face moving forward.

She has been the most honest about the field we plan to get into and works to help prepare us in as many ways as possible for it. I love that she is willing to inform us about all aspects in the industry and discuss her own personal experience to give us an idea of how we need to prepare. I feel I have learned the most from her course about the mass communications field and feel more prepared than I have in all my years here.

MMC-4910-001-Spring 2019

Professor Abrahamsen is an INCREDIBLE professor. Throughout this independent study experience, she really helped tailor the curriculum to best suit what I need to learn as a journalist before graduating. Also, she is incredibly responsive and helpful with anything.

Professor Abrahamsen helped me find an area of study that I enjoyed that would help me in the long run. She has been incredibly helpful in giving me the tools I need to be successful.

RTV-3301-002-Spring 2019

Broadcast News was my first “real” Mass Communications class and really helped me find out the career path I wanted to take. Overall a fantastic experience, I learned more than I could have imagined and I saw real improvement in my work over the course of the semester. I would definitely take this class again.

Professor Abrahamsen is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is helpful and willing. She goes out of her way to help her students, and you can tell how much she cares about the success of her students. It is clear to see how much she enjoys her chosen profession, and she is excited to educate us.

Jeanette is one of the best professors I have ever had! I always looked forward to her class

Wonderful instructor. I hope to take more courses where she is teaching. I feel she is a fountain of knowledge and she is willing to share. She is easy to talk to and is always willing to help students. She has ruined TV for me. I can never watch a show again without thinking of the different types of shots we discussed in class. Thank you for a wonderful semester.

Ms. Abrahramsen was one of the most helpful and professional professors I’ve had the privilege of having. I was never in the dark about any of my assignments, and she is very quick to help anyone, both inside the classroom and out. I look forward to taking as many classes as I can with her!

Do I even need to elaborate? I don’t think any student has anything less than spectacular to say about this woman. Keep her as long as you can.

Miss Abrahamsen is truly a gem. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and she has really opened up to me the world of broadcasting.

She is a great teacher who takes time out for her students rather in or out of class. Very informative and helpful.

I got diagnosed with the very hard life-changing disease last year and i am now with a disability in my last year of school. Ever since i started school with this disability most of my teachers made me feel bad or less than everyone else and never gave me the power on confidence MRS. Abrahamsen gave me. I was this close to dropping out of school this semester as my health is not so good and it made me depressed and feel like i can’t do it anymore. I would go to infusions at Moffitt every week and go to usf every day and just spend the rest of the day at home because i feel sick and tired. After taking this class with this professor she gave me so much hope to finish school and fight my disease and go out and meet people and do what i love doing. she truly changed my life i was disconnected from all the stress i have been through and almost losing my life, she made me feel alive again, i have never been more confident and happier after my diagnosis until now! and now im sad this class is over i wish i could take all my classes with mrs. Abrahamsen, she truly inspires me.

Honestly the BEST teacher I have ever had. She is SO knowlegable about broadcast news AHEM she’s worked in the industry for years. Having a teacher who is experienced and passionate about news was so helpful for my learning and helped me find a passion for my future career. She’s helped me so much throughout the semester, and has been enthusiastic about helping us all land internships and jobs. I have never had a teacher more helpful and passionate than Jeanette. Best teacher ever, will forsure take her advanced reporting class in fall !

Great professor and ensure that every student fully understood the material, and was always willing to help them in during their office hours if needed.

She’s an amazing professor and person.

By far one of the best professors I have ever had. Her dedication and passion for students is unreal. She was always willing to help me with any issues I had and even if she didn’t know the answer, she referred me to someone who did. I’ve never had a professor open doors for me like Jeanette has. I feel so much more equipped and knowledgeable about my field.

Jeanette is the best professor that I’ve had my whole college career. You can tell that she actually cares about each and every single one of her students and will help you with absolutely anything you need or have questions about. She is always proud of all of our projects and is encouraging us to keep doing amazing things. I can’t wait to use everything that I learned in this class, and apply it to my future jobs.

Jeanette is the best teacher I have had at USF. She really cares and is extremely helpful with everything.

Amazing instructor. Very knowledgeable in the field with all her years of experience. Hands on class = best way to learn and comprehend the material. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for broadcast news. Also, she is very big on networking and producing stuff in class that we can use to apply for jobs. The class is really a “win win”.

Professor Abrahamsen made Broadcast News a fun class to come to each and every day. She gave really good feedback on all of the video projects that we completed throughout the semester to guide our growth and improvement in the semester. She’s well-versed in the television industry and it shows with her extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of how a newsroom works. She was able to assist with any Adobe Premier Pro issues, which made it worthwhile to develop those skills.

JOU-4201-001 Fall 2018

The class is great lots of assignment s but they are little and not that hard to complete. There were a lot of guest speakers from the field we are learning which is great because we got to learn about there job and what we want to do in life instead of just reading from a textbook which is great.

This was a great class!! I learned so much about being an editor, from how I should communicate with my reporters to what kind of feedback I need to give them. Through the tweet assignments I learned so much via podcasts and reports and I increased my Twitter credibility. Through the Florida Focus assignments, I have another line in my resume, and experience as a web and social media producer! The Innovative Ed assignments gave us valuable experience and connections. The speakers we listened to were also very informative and helpful. The class was informative, entertaining, and overall very useful. I’m glad I took it with Jeanette!!

Gives you more skills to broaden your portfolio/resume for potential jobs after graduation.

Enjoyed the collaboration with Florida Focus. As a student in both classes I saw how much FFocus was enhanced because of News Editing. Loved all of the different tools we learned. I liked the tweeting assignments and AP quizzes, so more of those!

She’s very passionate about the field. Her concern is refreshing (especially coming from lectures of over 100 for most of my college career), and I felt like she’s one of the only teachers I’ve had that really showed care towards her students. I would recommend her to other Mass Comm students.

Professor Abrahamsen is probably one of the best teachers I’ve had during my time at USF. She has seriously made me a better journalist.

I’ve had Jeanette as a teacher for 3 semesters, and as a friend and mentor for just as long. She has been my biggest cheerleader and mentor, and I can’t express how much I appreciate everything she’s done for me, from writing tens of letters of recommendation to giving me significant feedback that has made me a better journalist. Under her tutelage, I’ve won scholarships that she’s recommended I apply for, networked and connected with amazing people who she’s introduced me to, won awards (!!) for work we did in her class, and gotten internships and excelled in them because of what she’s taught me. She makes herself available to her students in every way she can, and she is happy to help and listen to them, even when she’s super busy. Her students love her; she’s invested in her teaching and makes it more exciting for the rest of us to learn. And aside from that, she’s a complete inspiration as a woman in the media business with all of her accomplishments and experience. She’s given me a role model in herself. She does so much – Innovative Ed, broadcasting class, news editing, advanced reporting, and more for her students aside from teaching them. I’m sure that whatever she is getting paid is not nearly as much as the value she holds at USF ZSAMC – give her a big freaking raise!!! USF is so lucky to have her as a teacher, and her students are even more lucky to have someone they know will do whatever she can to make them better journalists. Before Jeanette, I had only 2 journalism teachers. While they did a great job at giving me the foundation I needed, she’s the one I most credit for building on that foundation and making me the journalist I am today. These words seem so small compared to how much I want to say, but thank you for everything, Jeanette &lt;3 I have no doubt I’ll succeed in this field, and I owe it all to you.

Abrahamsen is the most compassionate, clear, and concise teacher I’ve had my entire university experience. Whatever she is being paid, give her a raise. It has been my extreme pleasure to be in the class and learn from it.

Amazing professor. Smart.

Excellent teacher, so motivating. She provides so many resources to us and gives us opportunities left and right!!! She’s encouraging, and really helped improve my writing and editing skills this semester. It’s always a privilege to have her as my teacher.

Professor Abrahamsen was extremely helpful, and very considerate. I was going through a major rough patch this semester, and she was very understanding. She provided me with helpful resources both inside and outside the course, and I am very grateful to have had her as my teacher.

I absolutely love her. Thank you for being so helpful this semester and pushing me to improve

She is the best teacher I’ve had at USF. She was so caring and understanding as well as firm with the class. She did an amazing job incorporating modern ways of teaching.

RTV-3301-001 Fall 2018

Professor Jeanette is a great person and teacher. She is passionate about broadcast news and is always willing to help her students with any questions they have. I really enjoyed this class, I learned a lot about producing and editing videos.

She is an amazing teacher and does her job very excellent. She is inspiring and such a great role model for college students.

Jeanette is a very understanding and helpful teacher. She emails back extremely quickly, and even texts back if students have an urgent question or issue. She reviews coursework and expectations of her video projects.

She is very kind and has a lot of real-world experience in her field. I really enjoyed her as an instructor, and I feel she has taught me a lot that I will use in the real world.

Jeanette Abrahamsen is a very passionate professor who made learning so incredible. He enthusiasm and love for the field exudes in the way she teaches. She was very professional in teaching us how to make our way into the business. With video projects, she gave us a say and allowed us to critique ourselves before adding extra feedback on what we did and how to improve it. By far the best teacher I’ve had to date.

Great class! Jeanette always had a great spirit to rally the students to learning and understanding the fundamentals to broadcast news.

My favorite class so far in college. Learned so much and enjoyed this semester with her. She is so caring and will do anything to help her students.

One of the best instructors i’ve had. I am appreciative of how prepared for class she always is.

She is not only one of the best professors I’ve had at USF but easily one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!!! She is absolutely amazing!!

Jeanette is the absolute best. I feel so privileged to have been able to take her class this semester. She made herself extremely available for me outside of class to show her both my in class assignments that I wanted to work on, and things I was working on outside of class to pursue my own interests in videography and freelance journalism. Professor Abrahamsen gave me a platform to be creative and have fun, while still hitting the learning outcomes for the course, AND letting me work on things related to my passion of cinematography instead of working just on “newsy” videos. I am so grateful for professor Abrahamsen, I legitimately would have dropped out without this class.

JOU-3101-001 Fall 2018

Advanced Reporting was an unforgettable and lovely experience. While the work can be challenging, you learn so much from each project your assigned. I know I have learned invaluable lessons along the way that I will always treasure.

The workload was rigorous, but I learned a lot. I learned more in this class than I’ve learned in my entire coursework at USF. This class is very exciting and taught by Jeanette Abrahamsen, it is modern. This class taught by HER is NEEDED. Students learn how to be multimedia journalists, which is needed now. Print is dying, and we know it. This course gave me more skills and although I still need to work on them, I am confident in my abilities to grow as a multimedia journalist in the field.

Jeanette is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. She’s knowledgable, caring, professional and goes above and beyond to make sure her students succeed inside and outside the classroom.

She’s very nice. You could tell that she really cares about our futures, which is why she made us do so many varied multimedia assignments. Her office hours were extremely useful, and she would be understanding if we had problems or personal issues. I also like how she is willing to help us find internships.

Professor Pbrahamsen is a very “hands-on” teacher and is always very engaged in our class. She is wonderful about offering extra help and she’s extremely understanding. This is my second time having her as a professor and she’s by far been my favorite professor that I’ve had. She genuinely cares about her students and always goes the extra mile in helping them, even if it is for other things such as internship applications, resume help, etc.

Always a pleasure working with Professor Abrahamsen. She always wants to get the best out of her students and loves coming to work everyday.

Best professor I’ve had to date at USF.

Professor Abrahamsen cares about her students on a level unmatched by any professor I have come in contact with at USF. She gives us skills we are able to use in the real world and doesn’t just tell us what is good for us to do to be strong applicants for a job outside of college, she assigns us work that will build our resume and social media presence so that we are learning by doing what will make us strong applicants. I have complete respect for Professor Abrahamsen and the hard work she puts in to ensure that our work is the best it can be. She doesn’t just give us grades, she gives us detailed reviews of our work so that we understand what we need to improve on and how we can make our work better. She is available when you need her and she is eager to help.

We need more teachers like her! She is a reason why I decided to stay at USF! I am learning more in this class than I have in others. It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it because she takes them time to go in depth with students on the stories they have done.

This woman is the best. She’s a goddess. She’s an angel. And on top of it all, she knows what she is doing. I feel more prepared than ever to take on this industry because of her. Her teaching style is so modern and her knowledge of the industry is incredible. She knows what graduating students need to know and what they need to know how to do. I learned more in the 14 weeks in her advanced reporting class than I have in my entire time studying journalism (including high school). She explains how to do everything and always has her door open to help those print journalists like me who have never touched Premiere in their lives.

JOU-2100-003 Summer 2018

She was really great at giving feedback. She also was really open about helping me with assignments and answering any questions I had.

She provided really great feedback on all of our work. I loved her comments. It was really great to get the criticism necessary to move on.

Prof. Abrahamsen was extremely responsive to e-mails. Her grading seemed extremely tough for a “beginning” reporting class.

She is a great teacher. I still learned a lot even though this was an online class. She truly cares about her students. Anytime that I had a question she was very quick to respond and help me.

Professor Abrahamsen was always so helpful. She would usually get back to me with answers to any questions I have within an hour. When I had a problem, she helped me figure out a way around it.

RTV-3301-001 Spring 2018

One of the most amazing professors I have ever had! Very willing to help outside of the classroom and work around the student’s schedule. The coursework is challenging, but realistic. Great insight to the broadcasting work experience. Able to balance multiple student’s concerns at once and it is very clear she has a passion for the class, field and future of broadcast news.

Prof. Jeanette Abrahamsen is very helpful, rapidly responsive to emails and keeps the class so interesting. If I had taken this class with any other instructor, it would be very different.

Professor Abrahamsen is very professional. This probably won’t get back to her personally, but I was having some troubles in my home life and outside of school, and she was very forgiving for my situation. She was fair and yet firm about not being lenient on giving favoritism to other students, myself included, so when I slipped up in any way she was strict yet polite on what I can improve on as far as my work goes despite whatever is going on in my life. She is an excellent teacher and professor, and I only wish that I took more initiative in her class to get assignments done promptly. Anything that was effecting my grade both positively or negatively was of my own doing, either getting acknowledged for the effort I put in, or the lack of effort. I do appreciate the patience she had with me and I can only ask that I get more professors like her. She really was a great teacher, I just feel guilty that I didn’t do enough for the class, kinda like how if a mom said “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

Professor Pbrahamsen is by far the most helpful professor I have ever had. She is honest and extremely genuine; She takes the time to help each student individually to the best of her abilities. I have learned so much not only about the material in the class, but within the Broadcast News industry. Professor Abrahamsen has helped me to add to my resume and encouraged me to apply for my first internship (which I was accepted to). I feel like Professor Abrahamsen has helped me beyond the classroom for my future.

One of the most kind and helpful professors I have ever had. Always very helpful and very available to answer any questions. Responds to emails quickly which is always helpful.

Jeanetta Abrahamsen is great professor! She truly connects with her students and understand their strengths and weaknesses. I learned a great deal in this course, and she helped me out a lot along the way.

Jeanette is a great professor loved having her as a professor very understanding, kind, friendly and always willing to help.

RTV-3301-002 Spring 2018

This class was fun, educational and packed with information. I think Mrs. Abrahamsen made this class so good, any other teacher would have made this class boring just like most other classes here.

The classwork was very enjoyable and I loved the creativity she allowed us to use

Need more classes like this for this department.

Professor Abrahamsen was great! I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone. I’m not a huge fan of video editing but she made it enjoyable!

Jeanette Abrahamsen is the best instructor i’ve ever had. And she’s just an amazing person. Her real world experience is fascinating and it adds a lot of validity and heart to her lectures and assignments. One of the greatest things about Jeanette is just how helpful and inspiring she is. She’s always willing to help students in every way she possibly can. She’s helped me and motivated me more than any other teacher has. And I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all of her help, inspiration, and all of the doorways and opportunities she provided.

The best teacher here, PERIOD!! Really helpful and is for the students.

Mrs. Abrahamsen is amazing. Incredibly intelligent, qualified, and optimistic. She shows the reality of what it takes to work in a news room. I admire her greatly. – Joshua Torres

She is the best. Very Helpful.

Mrs. Abrahamsen is the BEST professor I have had here at USF, she is kind, understanding, smart, helpful and real. Unlike most other teachers in the Zimmerman School. She is the kind of teacher you want to work hard for and you feel good when she likes your assignments.

She was without a doubt my favorite professor this semester

AMAZING professor! I have learned the most from this class out of my three years here.

Jeanette is the first professor I’ve had at USF that I feel like has gone above and beyond to help her students. I have consistently asked for help and advice for projects and every time she responds it sounds and feels like she genuinely cares. I’ve really enjoyed being in her class and feel like I’ve learned and gained a lot of experience for my field.

JOU-3101-001 Spring 2018

Jeanette was an amazing professor. She played a key role in my time at USF, and I feel like I am ready to enter into the broadcasting business because she has prepared me. She is kind, hard-working, and goes above and beyond for all of her students.

One of the best professors, so caring and extremely helpful and motivating.

Always available and willing to help with anything at any time; super fast to respond to problems and happy to sit with students for hours working on assignments. Cannot say enough about how helpful, insightful and fun she made this class.

She did a great job this semester on providing helpful feedback on our assignments. She was also very understanding and continued to push us to make fun content through the semester.

Jeanette is awesome! I’m pretty sure this class wasn’t required for my track, but I got so much better with video and audio editing, and the projects are solid examples to use on resumes, reels, etc. if she’s still a visitng instructor keep her on board!

Best instructor I’ve ever had. I think her teaching is the main reason I’ve landed a job after college.

You Are Really Amazing. I can’t get over how great Jeanette is! I learned so much this semester from her and I do not regret a single second spent with her out of class or in class. I honestly wish I could just fail college so that I could take her again! She really is such a caring professor and her work ethic is amazing. I can’t name even one time where she wasn’t there for me. Please keep her here. For forever. I mean it.

RTV-4304-001 Fall 2017

Tougher than I thought it would be, but considering it was the last class in the sequence, it probably shouldn’t be a cakewalk either. I started out poorly, but by the end, I produced quality work. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

Always available in her office and willing to look at video. Doesn’t get frustrated having to repeat herself if you don’t get it the first time. Always accessible outside of class via email and text message. Overall wonderful instructor and makes a very difficult class slightly easier.

Professor Abrahamsen is by far the best professor I have ever had! She really takes the time and effort to help me with my work and is readily available to help any of her students. I am taking her again for another course next semester just so she could teach me again. She really cares for her students and provides us with real broadcast experience.

Jeanette is an awesome instructor! This entire semester she pushed me to be better. Some people might not have welcomed her constructive criticism but it helped produce some of my best work. I think having her teach me was extremely helpful to my growth.

She is an outstanding professor.

Honestly one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. She does grade tough in the sense fo wanting you to create the best product. She is amazing and really wants the students to succeed. So glad to have been her multiple times.

Great attitude.

Jeanette was always available if I have any questions. Need more teachers like her

JOU-3101-001 Fall 2017

She is the best teacher!!! Besides the fact that she’s very nice and helpful, she explained every assignment thoroughly, was very receptive to feedback, changed systems if they didn’t follow through properly with the students, gave a thorough and multimedia lecture on the topics we were covering today, she knew what she was talking about, and is by FAR the most caring teacher. If you see her website you’ll understand. She put so much work and thought into teaching us topics, finding tons of outside resources for us to look at and explore the topic further, having many videos to convey them to us, and brought in people we could make connections and network with as well as learn from them. She taught us the topics well and she always innovated new ways for us to see it in action. She always was available for us to talk to her and discuss anything, whether it be our class assignments or our career goals. She’s just a great teacher.

Learned some great things about the form, technique and culture of journalism from this professor. I really appreciate the course!

She makes the class more interesting and relevant to students by using multimedia.

She was very helpful with whatever you needed. Always there if you need to ask a question or assistance.

Professor Abrahamsen cares about the subject matter she teaches, and that shows. She is a kind professor with a lot of practical knowledge. She was always extremely responsive and helpful.

Professor Abrahamsen is very knowledgeable in her field and really cares about her students and their success.

Mrs. Abrahamsen provided a very useful learning environment for her students that made Advanced Reporting interesting. She has experience in broadcast journalism and was very open about her experiences, which helped in providing a personal example of what the field will look like. She taught us about the realistic expectations that the industry has during this modern day & age, something that many professors lack in the mass communications department, in my opinion. She was also always very kind and open to helping me in her office with assignments and personal projects, where she would spend more time than she had conversing with and helping me. I look forward to keeping in touch with her after this semester.

Jeanette is a wonderful professor who really cares about her students. She has a lot of wisdom in the field. I could ask her questions at any time and she would be willing to help.

RTV 3301-003 Fall 2017

Easily the best class I’ve ever taken. Just the right amount of challenge to reward ratio.

Definitely a class and a half, but necessary for those going into media in any degree due to its rigor and how much it in encompasses.

Very fun class, challenging at times, but helps to foster an interest and a love for the art of broadcast news. One of my favorite classes thus far.

This class is great to learn the basics of broadcast news and it really helps determine if a student feels like they’re in the right place. I found it helpful in helping me understand the differences between different news jobs and how to become a better journalist.

Jeanette was a wonderful teacher. Super helpful and incredibly excited to teach.

Probably the best teacher I’ve had thus far at USF. Not only is she one of the most accommodating, understanding, devoted instructors I’ve had been a student of, but she genuinely is passionate about the work she does and has a way of instilling that same passion in her students. 10/10 Amazing teacher.

Jeanette really prepared us for the broadcasting world. Her critiques are not only helpful, but they encourage improvement.

I loved how real Jeanette is. Even though i may feel some of the grades I receive are a little less than planned, I know when I submit work to my job post graduation, using the tools I was taught here, I should be good to go.

Very kind and helpful, always will to help her students go above and beyond. Very thoughtful, and obviously wants to see the best for her students. Very thankful that I had the opportunity to be in her class. Wonderful, wonderful job!

Jeanette is an amazing professor. She is fun and nice. She is very good at keeping the students interested and at explaining what she expects from us. She gives of lots of freedom but also guidance when needed. She is also very good at giving us real life stories preparing us for what happens when we graduate.


She is one of the most dedicated professors I have had so far. She really cares about making sure we do well. I feel like she’s pushed me to be a better student. I also feel like I have been motivated to improve my projects with each assignment because I want her to be impressed with my work. She’s great at recognizing effort and I honestly feel rewarded when she responds to our video projects with such detail. I really think she’s been a great professor and mentor and I’ve seen how much students who had her have benefited. It’s been absolutely awesome to have her as a professor and I’m very excited to have her again for the digital network class next semester.

One if the best professors I’ve ever had after three years in college. She is a great person, a useful contact to keep after college, and she really cares about what she is teaching and who she is teaching that material to.

Very nice and approachable. You can tell that she’s very passionate about the subject and that she wants her students to succeed.

Wonderful, polite, kind and respectful person. Cares so much about what she is teaching and the well being of her students.

JOU 2100-001 Spring 2017

The class overall was very informative and enjoyable, my writing benefited greatly from the classes lessons.

Great at responding to emails quickly with advice.

She is an amazing professor, who cares deeply about the overall development of the student. She is always open to help in anything, and she was very explicit in what she was expecting from the students during the entire semester.

Professor Abrahamsen is the sweetest!!! Even though its an online class, she is always there to help and replies to emails with genuine interest and solid advice. She may be a tough grader but at least she tells you what to expect so when points are marked off its the student’s fault for not checking or listening.

Always quick to respond to emails.

She was very helpful any time I had questions (and I had a lot of questions). She was very quick to respond and give good advice about what to do if there was a problem. She has a lot of experience working in the media field and that’s easily seen through her video teachings. I was kind of dreading this class at the start, but as I got into it more, it really became more entertaining and it allowed me to start building my portfolio. Very valuable lessons were learned through this class.

Professor Abrahamsen is very knowledgable in the field and her passion for the subject helps make a sometimes difficult class seem worth it.

Jeanette was a very kind professor, she was able to communicate well with me despite the class being held online. She was respectful to me as a student and listened to my concerns when I had them. She managed the class very well.

Jeanette answered emails within the same day I sent them. This made it super helpful to ask questions about assignments and I have never had a professor to do this before.

Professor Abrahamsen is a delight to have as an instructor. She’s passionate about her career and her teaching is a reflection of that. She is quick to respond to any questions and concerns, and I believe she is as fair and helpful as it gets. She organized the course very well and she is excellent with keeping us in the loop, updating grades, and giving us insightful feedback. There were over 70 student sin my online class and I personally felt connected to her, even though there was never a face-to-face meeting she made herself very accessible and her presence an important one. I can tell she genuinely cares about the success of each of her students and that is very refreshing to see in a professor.

Professor Abrahamsen was a great professor who really cared for her students and gave them all the resources needed to pass the class.

Professor Pbrahamsen is a great instructor. She is a harsh grader, which was difficult at first, however this is a very helpful quality.

Professor Abrahamsen is an awesome instructor! Out of my three years at USF, I have only had a handful of instructors who are so accessible and ready to answer any and all questions in regards to homework assignments, tests, and feedback. Professor Abrahamsen encourages out of the box thinking and creativity. Although it was an online class, I felt the most support from her as an instructor than I did with professors that I saw every other day. I am very glad to have taken this course with her and I hope she continues to teach here at USF. 🙂

Helpful whenever I reached out for assistance.

She’s the best! Dont change a thing 🙂

Very helpful Professor

RTV-3301-003 Spring 2017

Class itself helps you succeed in the field, being apart of this class has helped reassured me that I definitely want to be in the broadcast field once graduated

This class was by far the best class I have had at USF. I have learned the most from the class out of any others.

Great class with fun assignments

I’m not going into broadcast news — I took this course to satisfy requirements in my mass comm minor — but I loved this course. I was able to gain important knowledge and improve skills I will need in ANY field of work.

Jeanette is the most influential professor I have ever had. She goes above and beyond in every manner to help her students succeed long after her course has ended. I learned invaluable information from her about professionalism in a Broadcast setting. She is willing to help any student inside and outside of class, always sending job and internship information out. I have built up my YouTube channel through all of her video assignments and created an online portfolio for myself through the blog posts. These are two things that are useful outside of a classroom and could land me jobs. Thanks to her I have created professional social media platforms (a must-have for this field) and have revised my resume which immediately landed me an internship. This professor has changed my outlook on the broadcast field. I took several Video Production courses at SPC, all taught by men. Having a female professor that knows the in’s and out’s of the industry is inspiring in so many ways. I recommend ALL Mass Comm majors to take her course!

It was so refreshing to have a professor that was as passionate and encouraging as you were.

Jeanette has been one of the best professors I’ve had yet here at USF! She has so much experience in the field, she directs you into places to contact or people to get in touch with for what you want to achieve. She helps all her students become successful and that is one of the best qualities a professor can carry

Jeanette made the class fun and interesting all throughout the semester. I felt comfortable to ask any question.

Jeanette is an amazing professor, and always goes above and beyond for her students. I personally was always able to get email responses quickly for any issues I was having. She also provided a lot of inspiration for going into this field. Great professor and great class, my favorite I’ve taken at USF so far.

She is a great professor, she always helps and responds to emails right away.

Jeanette Abrahamsen is an amazing instructor. She really cares for her students and helps us personally with the assignments in class. I am Really glad I took this class. Her teaching method is very real and easy to understand.

Jeanette is dedicated to helping students accomplish goals both in the classroom and in the work force. She is available via text, email, phone call and more. Jeanette has the entire semester for Broadcast News written on her wordpress blog,, which is a helpful asset throughout the semester. She does a great job explaining things to students in a way that is real, raw and understandable. She does not sugarcoat the industry but presents it in the way that makes it realistic and still exciting. My favorite aspect of Jeanette is how she has a passion for helping students outside of the classroom, too. She constantly offers contacts, interview advice, ways to become more marketable and ways to improve our social media and LinkedIn presence. I would highly recommend Jeanette to my fellow classmates and peers at USF.

I simply love Jeanette! She is a great teacher and makes the effort to help all of her students. Sure the class requires a lot of work but it all helps you to prepare for your future career.

Overall great, wonderful teacher! She actually teaches, helps you understand, does not make you feel bad or stupid and actually cares. Respects you as a person. The best instructor I have ever had. Best instructor at USF. I would stay here just for Jeanette.

Jeanette was extremely helpful throughout the entire semester. Being available virtually 24/7 through text message and even phone call. She was always willing to help and sit down and talk through an assignment and give us advice on how to go about doing them. She always was willing to answer questions and always had a great attitude while teaching. She also has a lot of experience in the field which gives our class confidence in what she is teaching.

RTV-3301-002 Spring 2017

It’s a good and helpful class. The background of this class will help you in any Mass Communications specific field.

RVT was a very interesting and hands on class. I felt I got a very solid understanding of the newsroom. I found this class very helpful as a public relations professional because it gave me a better understanding of what reporters need for a story! I felt this class really helped me bring my understanding of media into full circle.

This class was a lot of work, probably the most time consuming class I had this semester, but it was all completely worth it. I have gained a portfolio because of this class.

An amazing teacher. So helpful & nice. Literally willing to help out anyone with ease. Would definitely take her for other classes!

She is a wonderful teacher. She explains so that you understand the assignments, and does not mind helping you when need assistance.

Amazing teacher and person. Motivates me to follow my dreams.

She is a good teacher, I love her website that we can go look at after class to go over ideas.

Jeanette was not only helpful but very inspirational. She communicated her expectations very well and was always willing to help. I took RVT as an elective but found myself applying much of what she taught into my field of Public Relations. I loved how she applied what she taught into real world scenarios and feel she really began to expose me to what to expect in my future career or simply finding a job. She was always so positive and up beat in class, I wish all professors had her attitude!

She was AWESOME! Every time I needed help, she was there. She responded to emails quickly and provided the resources I needed to get through the class AND in life. Because of Jeanette, I have a portfolio. Because of Jeanette, I have a letter of recommendation.

Awesome lectures! Thank you

RTV-3301-001 Fall 2016

This has been a great class, and very hands on.

I like the assignments and I’m happy I’ve learned how to work adobe premiere

The class was fun, I had a great time learning the editing software and getting creative with her projects.

This class covers everything, gave me a chance to add to my video portfolio and helped me get an internship. I learned a lot about each position in the newsroom and this class is a must take.

So, so glad that I took it!

Overall, the class was great.

Fun, interactive and good technical start to a career in Broadcast Journalism.

Great class for those new or mid-way thru their Production degrees. Tackles a wide array of topics that ready you for any sort of work behind a video camera.

The best professor I’ve EVER had. Helpful, smart and always made class interesting. Also very understanding.

Mrs. Abrahamsen has been wonderful, one of the best teachers I have had while attending college. Very personable and so helpful with everything!

Jeanette was an amazing instructor. She genuinely cares about each student and is always willing to go the extra mile to help. She is extremely knowledgeable in Broadcast News and pushes her students to use her as a resource. I loved her class and would take any other class she was teaching.

She’s honestly one of the best professors I have ever had!

She is probably one of the best professors I’ve ever had. She is so smart and nice. I love that she encouraged us from day one. She is not only a professor but also a supporter. She helps her students get internships and make sure they are on the right track. I love her enthusiasm and confidence. Very nice lady.

I love Jeanette, she’s fun but really smart and I learned a lot from her.

Professor Abrahamsen is honestly the best professor I’ve ever had. I learned so much from her and I look up to her so much. She brought so much insight and taught me things about broadcasting that I honestly can’t thank her enough for. I think of her as a mentor and I’m so glad that I took this course! Thank you Jeanette!!! 🙂

Professor Jeanette Abrahamsen is an incredible and outstanding professor.

Great instructor. Very professional and engaging. Also very talented and insightful. Answers any and all questions and exceeds when offering all types of resources.

Awesome professor. Really teaches the class and handles projects in a way that is conducive to *learning* and not just passing tests. Projects aren’t overwhelmingly difficult but still challenging enough to instill new practices and skills. All lectures are neatly and readily available at all times, and she almost always uses the end of class to offer individual help to students who ask for it. 10/10 would broadcast again.

RTV 3301-003 Fall 2016

This course was very hands on and as a public relations major, I was very impressed with all the information I learned.

Great class and taught me a lot for my future classes.

Good class that teaches students things they need to know for their careers

It is a really great course that helps prepare students

The class is very interesting, I especially enjoyed learning how to edit videos!

She was very helpful in class and seemed to really care about all of her students work.

I wish more teachers were like Jeanette. She was incredibly helpful and was truly interested in the overall success of her students. Jeanette is honest, and helped the class with employment opportunities and internships. I loved her class!!

Fantastic teacher who really cares about her students. Always willing to work with me and even met with me over a weekend to teach me how to better use Adobe Premiere. By far my favorite teacher from the past couple of years.

Jeanette is by far the most amazing teacher I have ever had. She takes the time to really help her students and encourages them to take pride in their work. Her class is designed so student can actually learn about the careers they are pursuing, she is so organized, so it really helps focus and stay interested in the subject. I would love to see her teach more advanced courses at USF because she is so passionate and knowledgeable. Learning from her made this my best semester at USF.

She was an amazing professor, and always did anything to help her students!

She is amazing! I have learned so much this semester and feel like I have so much more hands on knowledge.

RTV 3301-002 Spring 2016

I have been recommending Jeanette as a Broadcast News instructor to my friends. She taught me a lot about the career I want to go into.

I love Jeanette’s class! She was very helpful and extensively knows what she is teaching. She was always available to explain a project in more detail and provide feedback for improvement.

I loved this class and Jeanette Abrahamsen was an incredible professor. I wish that I could have her for p&d and efp. With her production experience she would be a perfect professor for those as well.

RTV 3301-003 Spring 2016

Professional Abrahamsen is definitely one of the best in her field and it shows through her teachings during class. She is very well organized, providing us with plenty of information of what we need to know and how we should complete our projects.

Shes a very personable and relatable professor who helped me with assignments that were from another course altogether. She always answers emails the same day and grades projects quickly. I would love to have her again!

Professor Abrahamsen was truly an amazing teacher. She was so eager to help students in any way she could with class work,internships and advice about the industry. I loved having her as a teacher and she is the best teacher I have had in my academic experience. I hope she will get the chance to teach other classes other than Broadcast News because I would take any other class she would teach. She was such a big help to me and other students in the class. She graded fairly, responded to e-mail quickly and clarified assignments very well. It was a pleasure having her as my teacher and I would recommend her to any student in the mass communications department at USF. Please let her teach more classes than just Broadcast News because I would love to have her as a teacher again!

Proffesor Abrahamsen is a great teacher and believe being a working professional in the broadcast industry motivates her students to try harder.

RTV-3301-004-Fall 2015

Fun and engaging. It really gets you in the field!

I learned a lot from this course especially how to use Adobe Premiere Pro

Loved this class!!!!! I learned so much in storytelling and editing.

A wonderful teacher with wonderful charisma!

Jeanette is a wonderful instructor, she happily engages her students and is excited to see us learn.

She is a very good teacher always open to questions. She brought in some guest speakers for us to learn from so that we could hear of other experiences. She tells you what she’s looking for in an assignment or test.

This was by far my favorite class at USF. Professor Abrahamsen made it such an interesting class and she was always so willing to help. She motivated me to do better and to always believe in myself! Her experience as a producer is even more encouraging for us as students because she definitely knows what she is talking about!

She is someone who truly cares about each student and wants to see them succeed. She is completely real with the students and goes out of her way to help a student out.

It was my favorite class this semester and Jeanette Abrahamsen was the best professor to teach it. She is currently working in the news field and she gave insight that I wanted and appreciated on how to succeed. I knew I was in great hands because she previously talked to students in the Fall of 2014 about her experience and I was there. So I am very grateful that she was my teacher and now friend. It was an awesome semester and class that definitely prepared me for my future as a reporter.

She was the best instructor I’ve had during my time at USF. She gave great advise and was always extremely helpful with any project or question we had. I hope she teaches more classes in upcoming semesters.

RTV-3301-003 Fall 2015

For a first-year professor, Jeanette is amazing. She’s very professional, she treats us with respect, and — even though she’s very busy with her job as a NBC producer — she always manages to make time to help us when we need it. I’ve e-mailed her on a number of occasions and met with her outside of class for help and she’s always been extremely nice and even more helpful. I couldn’t imagine having a better professor or role model from the industry, and the fact that this was her first semester teaching is incredible.

I LOVED Jeanette as a professor! She gets it, she knows what is relevant, and has a knack for teaching. I have learned more from her alone and our conversations than I have in any of my past courses. She has a great vision for ways to edit the class and I think that she should have a hand in the way this course is structured over the next few semesters. Let her teach more mass comm. courses please!

Wonderful professor, cares about her students and uses her real world experience to teach.

She’s GREAT.

Her experience in the field makes this class feel less like just a college class, but more like a job training program

Amazing professor with actual knowledge of how the course matirial is applied in a real world situation. Dont change a thing for next semester.

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