How do you create an amazing pkg?

  1. Watch as many stories as you can.
  2. While you watch, pay attention.
  3. Notice:
    1. sound
    2. framing
    3. angle
    4. distance
    5. how many seconds the shot is up
    6. how long are the sots
    7. are the sots covered by video?
    8. emotion
  4. Learn what you like and what you don’t like. Develop your style

Mobile PKGs

Rod Carter shot this pkg entirely on his cell phone and iPad. It shows how basic principals greatly affect the look of your pkg. Check out the different angles, heights and distances he uses. Listen for the nat sound.


Be Creative

Jeanne Moos is a great reporter who always creates entertaining pkgs. She uses news stories, music and file video in clever ways.

Lately most of her pkgs are political parody because of the presidential race, but she has years worth of pkgs on every topic imaginable.

I encourage you to search her on YouTube and take inspiration from her:

  • writing
  • sound bites
  • music
  • social media
  • b-roll
  • quotes
  • editing
  • active stand ups

NOTE: if you use b-roll like her, make sure to also note how she uses courtesy bugs on video she didn’t shoot herself.


Where do you find examples of pkgs?

  1. Local and national news
  2. Documentaries
  3. Facebook groups like StoryTellers 
  4. Facebook MMJ Joe Little

Active live shots

What makes a pkg good or bad?

bad pkg

better pkg


Turn a PKG into a VO

player vo

Turn a PKG into a VOSOTVO

preemie pkg preemie bopreemie sotvo

Use what you’ve got to make it interesting:

drone leadindrone 1 drone 2drone tag

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