How To Make Shareable Digital Videos

NowThis is growing in popularity on social media. Take a look at how they use text animations, music and file b-roll to create timely videos that inform and entertain. Also, consider the shape of the video. Their Instagram videos are square to fit the platform, while their Facebook videos are 16:9.

The company is branching out into niche groups like NowThis Politics and NowThis Who Is. NowThis Who Is identifies people in the news and gives viewers a better idea of who they are. Here’s one example about Robert Muller.

Want to know how to use a 360 camera? NowThis will teach you.

Here are some fun “Explore Tampa Bay” videos created by USF students.

“How To” videos are great for sharing. BuzzFeed really did a great job making these super popular online with their Nifty and Tasty videos. Now you’ll see similar versions all over Pinterest, IG, FB and YouTube. Pay attention to their SEO headline writing, steady tripod camera shots and extreme close-ups. Also, notice when they adjust the speed of the videos to keep their videos short.

Moving soon? Then you'll want to check out these moving hacks!

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Cookies for breakfast? Yes please! 🍪

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USF student Deanna Lowe emulated Buzzfeed’s style in this video she made for class:

Check out some different techniques you’ll find more on social media, like vertical video made for phones and fun animations.

As much as I love editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro, I have to admit, some other tools are faster and easier to use. Head on over to the video editing lecture for tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro.

For those times when you want to get the job done sooner, check out some tools you can use to make and share your videos faster.

Adobe Spark






YouTube Audio Library

Screen recording

Additional Tools:



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